Scaling Healthcare at a Distance  

By: Iain Scholnick, Braidio CEO

Braidio knows this is a rare if not unprecedented time in all our lives across the globe. The unfortunate spread of Covid-19 has impacted all of us both personally and professionally as well as bringing incredible pressure upon on our healthcare system. The Covid-19 virus has created a red alert need for healthcare at a distance which can only be answered through rapid telemedicine app deployments at a countrywide and even global scale.

AT&T and Braidio are powering next-generation mobile healthcare applications

The first application released is a telemedicine platform called MyHealth Concierge. The platform provides remote patient consultations and healthcare support via real time communications including live chat and video calls with your physician, nurse practitioner or any healthcare provider. The joint HIPAA compliant solution also enables access to online pharmacy, health records and insurance information, and much more. MyHealth Concierge was designed with the future of healthcare in mind, optimizing healthcare workflows, creating greater efficiency to scale the delivery of healthcare without compromising the remote patient experience.

Download our Telemedicine Overview

Braidio realizes we now have an immediate service obligation to make the MyHealth Concierge app platform publicly available to support Healthcare Provider Communities across the USA.

If you or your Healthcare Provider Organization are in need of a remote care solution, that can be white-labeled and quickly deployed in a matter of days running over the highly secure network and cloud infrastructure of AT&T.

Please Contact (888) 858-8385 for immediate Covid-19 telemedicine solution support.