Braidio Acquires Leia to Empower Its Customer Engagement Platform with Advanced AI and Digital Automation


The Acquisition Enables Any Organization to Create Customer-Experience Apps to Drive Revenue and Adoption Using Real-Time Communications at the Mobile Edge of their Global Carrier Partners


San Francisco, CA- September 23, 2021Braidio, the award-winning WorkStream platform that threads information, people, and business tools into a single point of productivity, today announced its acquisition of Leia, an AI-powered customer experience platform that creates custom digital web presences for businesses in seconds. With the Leia integration, Braidio will further accelerate the delivery of customer-facing applications, making it easier than ever for any business, from small businesses to the enterprise, to engage with customers at the mobile edge. Through the acquisition, Braidio will also gain a global customer base of 3,500 businesses while onboarding an additional 1,500 new customers each month to use its mobile provider-powered services. Leia’s Founder and CEO, along with the AI Platform team, will be joining Braidio to lead the AI integration into Braidio’s low-code productivity automation and orchestration platform. 


With the combined power of Braidio and Leia, businesses large and small can boost their customer engagement and new revenues at the customer edge by creating and publishing web, mobile, and app presences fully integrated into any mobile network such as AT&T in less than 90 seconds. It levels the playing field in mobile edge driven Customer Success, especially for mid-market and SMB companies representing a massive growth opportunity for our mobile service partners and Braidio. 


Now, millions of carrier clients in healthcare, real estate, retail, hospitality, pet wellness, financial services, construction, and consulting have the right partners to transform their customer experience at speed and scale to drive new revenues. Enterprises of any size can create and deploy an intuitive, curated, customer engagement solution in a fraction of the time it would take through traditional development. With Leia, Braidio offers the only turnkey Customer Success Automation Platform at the mobile edge in the entire market.


“2020 saw a shift to online consumer spending, creating a sense of urgency for the digitization of the customer experience. This is accelerating enterprise adoption of real-time communications for customer engagement, with communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) products emerging as an enabling component for digital transformation,” said Raúl Castañón-Martínez, Senior Research Analyst at 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. “In addition to accelerating the digitization of the customer and employee experiences, organizations should evaluate the long-term benefits of programmable communications, such as cost savings and efficiencies that can result from consolidating their communications stack – including social channels, customer engagement and employee communications.” .


“Braidio is empowering customers with the technologies they need to accelerate their digital transformation and make the much-needed shift to ‘digital first’ customer experiences” said Iain Scholnick, Founder and CEO of Braidio. “Braidio now simplifies the customer journey by putting all the technology silos and cloud complexity behind the curtain and braid it all together into a simple, unified customer success experience at the mobile 5G edge. Leia’s powerful AI engine can thread everything from video and live chat to appointment scheduling together with the speed and efficiency of low-code development, providing customers with a usable app in just a few clicks.”


Companies can immediately harness Braidio’s supercharged technology through its leading mobile service provider partners like AT&T to deliver powerful customer engagement and CPaaS communications at the mobile edge. Braidio will now offer:

  • AI-powered digital presence 
  • Video calling using world-class mobile provider networks
  • Instant “direct connect” live chat
  • Client or patient appointment scheduling
  • Ecommerce and cloud-driven data access
  • Access to 3rd party services needed to enhance the customer experience in any business vertical such as pharmacy, medical data & history, ride-hailing, and much more


“When we began working on Leia, our goal was to enable non-technical people to create anything; to essentially put a personal software developer in every person’s pocket,” said Mitch Marchand, Founder and CEO of Leia. “Integrating with Braidio is the natural progression of our technology, and we’re now able to focus on making big problems easy to solve, one partner at a time. Our AI will be able to create a robust digital engagement platform, giving any sized organization the capability to develop a strong digital presence.”


Braidio now offers its automatically curated and uniquely scalable solution, directly to businesses and enterprises. It enables an independent veterinarian, a mid-market accounting group, or a very large enterprise to quickly develop a web, mobile, or app presence while operating at the mobile Edge. Braidio will also continue to work with carrier partners like AT&T, delivering a way for them to extend their digital offerings to better support their SMB clients. To learn more about Braidio’s WorkStream solution and the new integration with Leia, please visit


About Braidio

Braidio’s award-winning WorkStreams™ platform is a low-code productivity automation and orchestration platform to thread all information, knowledge, people, and business tools into a single point of productivity. The future of work will look very different than it does now. Braidio WorkStreams helps accelerate sales, improve customer satisfaction, and simplify employee on-boarding by efficiently spreading knowledge and insights across any workflow and business unit in real-time. Based in San Francisco, Braidio is surrounded by some of the most innovative and disruptive companies in the world. Braidio WorkStreams simplifies success. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

1*. 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, “2021 Trends in Workforce Productivity & Collaboration,” December 2020

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