We are proud to announce today a major milestone in our company’s growth. We have partnered with AT&T to extend Braidio’s WorkStream platform reach to help businesses better connect and engage with their teams and customers through highly intuitive low code/no code app experiences that optimize productivity and increase revenues inside any market vertical. 

Why does this matter?

Digital is transforming business

In this connected era, workers and users have become used to multi-tasking across multiple tools to get essential tasks completed. However, many legacy systems are often cumbersome and difficult to use. Another byproduct of these systems is that they create data and knowledge silos. Braidio WorkStreams simplify work by creating intuitive, engaging, app driven workflow experiences that are white label ready for any vertical. Braidio WorkStreams and concierge apps can be used internally by enterprises and organizations or resold to their customer base.

84% of enterprise organizations have turned toward low-code applications (Forrester)

to reduce strain on IT resources, increase speed-to-market, capture revenues by involving the business in digital asset development. Braidio WorkStreams sit on top of legacy systems to create greater liquidity within organizations and to unlock productivity and new revenues..

Real-time collaboration is the standard

In the era of smartphones, real-time connectivity and collaboration is expected. AT&T’s voice, real-time chat and video messaging, will be integrated into Braidio WorkStreams to further simplify work, one workstream at a time. 

Kudos to our team, our partners and AT&T! We are thrilled about what 2020 will bring! 

To learn more, read the full announcement here: AT&T & Braidio