Braidio and BlueSemi Partner to Accelerate the Future of Home Health and Tele-Healthcare

Leading WorkStreams Platform Integrates with Revolutionary Non-invasive Vitals Tracker to Elevate Remote Patient Monitoring and Usher a New Era of HealthTech

May 19, 2022 (San Francisco PR Web)

Braidio, the award-winning WorkStream platform that threads information, people, and business tools into a single point of productivity, today announced a partnership with BlueSemi, a revolutionary Indian health tech company. BlueSemi’s flagship product is a compact, sleek and very accurate handheld gadget called EYVA which measures 6 key vitals including blood glucose without requiring a pinprick for blood. By integrating with Braidio’s My Health Concierge™ platform, the companies are paving the way towards a preventive & connected home health and telehealth ecosystem that will be the driving force of new-age technology. The partnership connects people worldwide directly to their health and will encourage positive behavioral change.

This is the next innovation out of Braidio’s My Health Concierge, which is partnered with industry leaders like Arkos Health, AT&T, and Etisalat, as the platform continues to transform patient outcomes. My Health Concierge contains embedded healthcare workflows, including triggered events and write-back capabilities to the major EHRs used in healthcare. With BlueSemi tracking critical vitals like blood glucose, the two companies can now ensure that healthcare providers have the latest data on the people they care for. Braidio’s remote patient monitoring creates a bilateral experience so medical professionals have the latest patient data and insights at their fingertips, and elevates the entire patient care experience, eliminating barriers that previously prevented ease of access to care. This integration will bring data and care orchestration across the entire ecosystem, connecting people, family members, and doctors in one seamless application. Care providers can now provide quality care to a larger group of people who need it remotely, without sacrificing more time, effort, or resources.

“Healthcare has been slow to adopt the connectivity that is so prevalent and innovative in other industries. The flow of patient information needs to be completely secure and HIPAA compliant in order to ensure that doctors can give the best recommendations and provide the best care,” said Iain Scholnick, CEO of Braidio. “This level of transparency will deliver healthcare to the future, breaking down the barriers between patients and the highest level of care possible.”

EYVA is powered by a patented technology that leverages sensor fusion, AI, and IoT. The gadget’s haptic sensors respond to the user’s touch, even mirroring their breathing patterns to eventually measure blood glucose, ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, and HbA1c in just 60 seconds. No blood is required as users simply touch the gadget as they touch their phone screens. EYVA is designed to act as an extension of the user’s body, and now this quick interaction can be instantly available to their respective doctor via Braidio’s My Health Concierge. For more information about EYVA, please visit

“It’s long been our mission to bring an innovative approach to the IoT of healthcare and transform the way people monitor their health on a daily basis. Braidio’s concierge system is incredible at keeping the people-doctor relationship connected, creating the perfect integration to track the data EYVA collects on a daily basis,” said Sunil Kumar Maddikatla, CEO of BlueSemi. “Together, EYVA and Braidio’s My Health Concierge will create the golden standard for integrating IoT gadgets with a connected ecosystem. The end result is a new era of healthcare.”

Patients will be able to use the personalized app to manage care and appointments with a unified, central location while also sending test and vitals results directly from Eyva. Braidio and BlueSemi are committed to enhancing the people’s experience across the entire healthcare industry. To learn more about Braidio’s My Health Concierge solution, please visit

About Braidio
Braidio’s award-winning WorkStreams™ platform is an engine consisting of permissioning, orchestration, Reactive AI, and low-code/no-code mobile app building to thread all information, knowledge, people, and business tools into a single point of productivity within our smart workflows. The future of work will look very different than it does now. Braidio WorkStreams helps accelerate sales, improve customer satisfaction, and simplify employee on-boarding by efficiently spreading knowledge and insights across any workflow and business unit in real-time. Based in San Francisco, Braidio is surrounded by some of the most innovative and disruptive companies in the world. Braidio WorkStreams simplify success. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About BlueSemi
BlueSemi is a revolution in connected customer-centric Health Tech. A company on a mission to bring a positive transformation into people’s lives by making holistic wellness an integral part of their life with their one-of-a-kind innovation. They leverage the fourth wave of technology including Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to bring their vision into reality. Based out of India, BlueSemi is determined at blending together health, wellness, and cutting-edge technology to create a virtual world where people look up to explore, analyze, and optimize their lifestyle through real-time interactions, and with utmost comfort that makes self-care easy, interesting, and fun.

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