Braidio Lays the Foundation for the Future of Pet Wellness With Verticalized Customer Experience Solution

Backed by a Recent 451 Research BiB, Vertical Solutions Will Allow Independent Practices to Compete

San Francisco, CA- June, 3rd, 2021Braidio, the creator behind the personalized Concierge applications platform that automatically create intuitive workflows to benefit specific industries announces a renewed focus on the pet industry following changes brought on by the pandemic. With the demand brought on by mass pet adoption in 2020, many independent pet wellness companies find themselves losing revenue to the digital and highly scalable online platforms run by industry giants like Chewy’s. To combat this, Braidio is focusing market efforts on giving independent practices and the pet wellness ecosystem of retail, nutrition and pet & vet service contributors the digital success tools needed to grow their businesses by adding additional product and service offerings integrated directly into a personalized, collaborative app experience in partnership with AT&T. Braidio allows partners and clients to become their own digital upstart to drive a mobile digital transformation to deliver business scalability with new revenues and customers along with cost savings.

“Small to mid-sized pet businesses need to have specific, verticalized solutions in order to meet the demands of customers in this high demand industry. When competing against giants like Chewy and Amazon, these smaller sized organizations can’t afford to delay digital transformation when the customer base expects online convenience,” said Iain Scholnick, Founder and CEO of Braidio. “Braidio’s Pet Wellness solution helps accelerate digital transformation while keeping the online solution true to the original business. Using our concierge code assembly platform, business owners can quickly tailor their solution to meet the specialized needs of not only existing loyal customers but any new audience as well.” 

451 Research’s Voice of the Customer: Macroeconomic Outlook, Consumer Spending survey showed a dramatic shift in overall consumer spending compared to previous years. 79% of consumers have shifted some or most of their in-store spending online as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak which shows that the customer experience revolves around a company’s ability to digitalize. The survey also found one out two respondents are digital converts, – i.e. consumers that tried new digital experiences for the first time during the COVID-19 quarantine and will continue their usage signaling the importance of continued development when it comes to digital applications.

Braidio’s platform allows pet experts to easily create the perfect application experience, drawing from a deep understanding of their business. These application’s are perfectly optimized so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for whether it’s ordering specialty pet food or setting up a regular check-in. This ease of use not only fosters customer satisfaction, but also cuts costs for the store owners allowing them to compete on price with Chewy and Amazon. Pet teams are already using Braidio every day to accelerate digital transformation and revenue capture across their entire organization to keep up with the demand from the adoption boom.

“In order to compete with online retailers independent practices will have to expand their offerings beyond checkups to help build relationships in their community. Expanding offerings, while necessary, can put a huge strain on employees which is why it will be more important than ever to have a digital solution to keep the business organized,” said John Phelps, Founder of Fresh Pet.  “Braidio’s concierge platform can help with that organization allowing owners to customize to their exact needs while keeping costs low.” 

Concierge will now allow pet organizations to optimize their customer experience value chain and target the appropriate customer base. Instead of a one size fits all solution, concierge will give each company a unique and customized application that caters to specific needs of your target market. Using a simple customer targeting filter-funnel with our concierge platform to deliver great customer and revenue outcomes, and allows an independent pet practice to focus on customer success and also produce needed app deliverables at speed. More information on the changes on consumer behavior can be found in this research conducted by 451 Research.

As the pet industry continues on this trajectory, Braidio is committed to helping independent practices get the most out of their digital tools. For more information about Braidio, please visit


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