On Heels of AT&T and Braidio Collaborating to Power Next-Generation Mobile Applications, They are Delivering Patient Centric Telemedicine Offerings to Arkos Health


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Braidio, the creator of the award winning WorkStream platform that threads all critical information, people, and business tools into a single point of productivity, announced today its partnership with Arkos Health. Arkos was formed from the merger of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UPMC) Curavi Health, VIZI Healthcare/Carepointe, and U.S. Health Systems. Arkos Health will utilize the Braidio WorkStreams low-code/no-code platform, powered by the AT&T API Marketplace providing voice, messaging, chat, and video capabilities to create turnkey customer engagement mobile applications. Braidio integrates with Arkos Health’s clinical data warehouse, EPIC, Five9, and other remote patient monitoring service devices to create an intuitive engagement layer. This engagement layer helps empower new access to health services through on-demand virtual care during an unprecedented global pandemic.

“The healthcare industry has been slow to embrace unified digital transformation strategies, resulting in fragmented data management that limits the quality of care a patient receives. In today’s post-pandemic world, we are constantly looking for opportunities to consolidate data and services around patients to improve the quality and access to care, while correspondingly reducing costs. When we are successful, we find our solutions also increase provider revenue while lifting their administrative burden,” said Aaron Duerksen, Executive Vice President and Board Member of Arkos Health. “With Braidio, we are able to provide a new patient engagement experience that consolidates their information and links them to needed concierge health services, whether those services are in-person or virtual. This is the future of healthcare where the power of unified communications, workflow interoperability, and service access can be focused around an integrated patient engagement, as opposed to just delivering services in silos. We are shifting from a static experience to a dynamic, collaborative experience that dramatically enhances care for vulnerable populations and reduces waste.”

“Telehealth solutions have been critical to halting the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and helping providers deliver the care that patients need when walking into clinics isn’t an option. We could be witnessing a shift in expectations for receiving care,” said Rich Shaw, Vice President, Voice and Collaboration for AT&T Business. “By pairing developers like Braidio with capabilities from the AT&T API Marketplace, applications like these can use the power of AT&T’s highly secure network and leading cloud infrastructure to be in a better position to adapt successfully.”

Braidio’s solutions unify data and knowledge silos to create a dynamic and integrated view of patient care. Care providers now gain real-time patient access and insights to create a smarter ecosystem, maintaining a fluid digital journey for patients, and delivering a more agile and tailored concierge approach to patient care. Using Braidio’s My Health Concierge, patients can easily connect with a Care Team professional using live chat, reducing inbound phone calls and providing additional concierge touch points for the patients.

“In this unprecedented time in all of our lives, this pandemic has given all of us a glimpse into the future of healthcare – which will require new tools that are built specifically to enhance patient and revenue automation workflows and embed real time communications that produce results,” said Iain Scholnick, Founder and CEO of Braidio. “Braidio WorkStreams was built with this in mind, eliminating click fatigue and time lost looking for information across data silos, freeing more time to provide better patient care through intuitive experiences that unlock productivity across the entire patient journey. Braidio’s applications are very modular, allowing them to be malleable based on a healthcare partner’s operational needs, and can add other components such as online pharmacy, remote patient monitoring, or be stripped down so it’s very focused on just a few workflows.”

For more information about Braidio, please visit https://braidio.com/.

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Braidio’s award winning WorkStreams™ platform is an engine consisting of permissioning, orchestration, and low-code/no-code mobile app building to thread all information, knowledge, people, and business tools into a single point of productivity. The future of work will look very different than it does now. Braidio WorkStreams helps accelerate sales, improve customer satisfaction, and simplify employee on-boarding by efficiently spreading knowledge and insights across any workflow and business unit in real-time. Based in San Francisco, Braidio is surrounded by some of the most innovative and disruptive companies in the world. Braidio WorkStreams simplifies success. For more information, please visit braidio.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Arkos Health
Arkos Health delivers care in the community so people can live healthier and more independent lives. They serve health plan and provider organizations by managing their highest-risk and highest cost populations within an integrated system-of-care, comprised of clinical and social services backed by a robust technology platform. By engaging individuals with virtual, in-home, in-clinic, and in-facility care options, Arkos Health delivers advanced community-based health services that allow our clients to improve quality care and reduce unnecessary costs for their members.