Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Organization

Coaching in the Moment instills coaching-based leadership as the preferred leadership style at all levels of the organization. Coaching in the Moment was developed with our partner Cylient a pioneer in leadership development. With coaching-based leadership, people integrate coaching approaches into any conversation with anyone at anytime enabling people to learn with and from each other, from their day-to-day experiences.

It has been used by thousands of people worldwide, to wire up coaching cultures. Feedback in the Moment© deepens learning from Coaching in the Moment by teaching people how to offer “in the moment” feedback that engages people to embrace change. This course, a comprehensive approach for instilling coaching based leadership as a way of life in your organization.


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Why Creating a Coaching Culture Matters

The increasing complexity of change has completely re-wired what we need from our leaders. Rather than telling people what to do, we need leaders who can:

Address real issues in real time

Inspire people to take risks

Build connections across any kind of boundary, and

Create new ways of getting things done, together

That’s what a coaching culture looks like in action. And that’s what is needed to turn complex change into new opportunities.

What are the benefits of instilling a coaching culture?

People learn, “in the moment” from their day-to-day challenges

Developing others is viewed as everyone’s responsibility

Sticky issues are resolved quickly through conversations that address core issues in appreciative ways

Feedback is offered and accepted as gifts that fuel growth

Every kind of change gets traction because people have the conversations they need to have to address disconnects and move forward

Coaching in the Moment

How it All Comes Together Online

Our online course offers a fully interactive experience that comes alive through video-based narration, real life interactive video scenarios, and real-time group chat for “always on” collaboration. The Braidio platform enables organizations to:

Offer a single, comprehensive approach for “in the moment” coaching throughout the organization

Customize the content to your needs, including offering different languages

Deepen and sustain the learning after in-person workshops

Build and monitor learning and engagement metrics

Integrate seamlessly with your learning management system

Launch quickly with upfront integration support

Connect. Engage. Empower.

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