Braidio’s Developing Inclusion for Impact

This course, Developing Inclusion for Impact, is the second in Braidio’s diversity and inclusion learning series, continuing where the Inclusion to Impact introductory course concluded. This course goes beyond and looks at how to effectively implement and build inclusion into your organization.


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Developing Inclusion for Impact Reveals How to Actually Implement Inclusion


Developing Inclusion for Impact, addresses the all too often missing component of how you make diversity and inclusion (D&I;) real. Making it tangible requires that we apply diversity and inclusion awareness to fully gain the benefit of a diverse and inclusive culture. Effectively applying awareness has been a reoccurring need across organizations.

Simply put – the “How” is about learning specific behaviors we can practice and demonstrate on a consistent basis to build an inclusive workplace that demonstrates value for everyone.

Recommended Pre-requisite for Developing Inclusion for Impact Course


It is recommended to complete Braidio’s first course, Inclusion to Impact , before this course in order to understand what and why diversity and inclusion training is important. As part of Inclusion to Impact, the “What” describes the building of a general awareness of the core D&I; components and definitions. The “Why” describes why diversity and inclusion is important in any business model.

Developing Inclusion for Impact picks up where the introductory course left off, moving from the “What” and “Why” of diversity and inclusion (D&I;) to the “How.”

Eliminate the Challenge of Identifying Inclusion Behaviors


Often the challenge has been to identify which behaviors truly build inclusion. Braidio has leveraged its long and deep subject-matter expertise to identify behaviors that, if practiced consistently, will build the inclusion most organizations are seeking.

Employee and Manager Course Versions Ensure Effective Training for Everyone


This dynamic and interactive course will be offered in two versions to ensure that everyone in your organization is properly qualified to promote an inclusive workplace. You will be able to choose from the Employee (45-50 minutes) course or the Manager (50-55 minutes) course. Each course is broken down into 5-8 minute learning blocks with integrated interactivity to aide learning comprehension and competency acquisition.



In the Employee course, you will:


Solutions use case benefit 02 Develop an understanding of Braidio’s Inclusive Behaviors and how they can help build a culture of inclusion that values everyone.

Demo icon 01  Identify areas of strength and opportunities to practice these behaviors more consistently and with everyone.

Solutions use case benefit 03 Explore what can get in the way of consistently practicing the Inclusive Behaviors.

Security benefits 04 Practice applying the Inclusive Behaviors to increase comfort.

Solutions use case benefit 01 Identify opportunities to demonstrate the Inclusive Behaviors in real life situations.


In the Manager course, in addition to the learning described above, you will also:


Practice applying the Inclusive Behaviors using specifically designed scenarios to increase comfort for managers.

Identify opportunities for managers to model and coach others to demonstrate the Inclusive Behaviors

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