Braidio’s Disability Awareness Training: Recruiting & Interviewing Individual’s with Disabilities

This introductory online course is appropriate for all members of your recruiting and talent acquisition teams. The course is interactive and provides a solid foundation for successfully recruiting people with disabilities. Approved Provider by the HR Certification Institute (PHR, SPHR, GPHR).


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Build a Sustainable Inclusive Culture for All


Prepare your recruiting team to easily navigate and gain a comfort level meeting and interviewing applicants with a variety of disabilities. Creating a comfortable environment for all.

This course was developed with our partner HirePotential leveraging over twenty years of their experience providing disability compliance and inclusion solutions to small and large organizations including government contractors and agencies.

Course Accreditation

Approved Provider. This program has been submitted to the HR Certification Institute
for review.

Recruiting & Interviewing Individual’s with Disabilities

Disabilities Etiquette Training – Online Course Overview
Online Course Overview

An hour of content delivered in short learning blocks

Rich and engaging content through interactive delivery

Accredited by XYZ Organization (see more info below)

Learning and engagement metrics to track success and identify ongoing learning needs

On-going support, advanced topic modules and learning reinforcement available

Customizable to meet your organizations specific needs

Potential Course Outcomes

Enhance communication with people who have disabilities, both co-workers, customers and candidates

A positive and confident experience for the employee, applicant and customer

Reduce the barriers and increase the understanding of people with Disabilitieses

Sensitize personnel to the issue of disability

Facilitate open communication regarding employment issues for people with disabilities

Expand your market share by providing a great custom experience

Build a sustainable inclusive culture of respect for all

Be recognized for socially responsible business practices

Ensure a successful Disabilities program

Decrease employment liability exposure

Recruiting & Interviewing Individual’s with Disabilities –
Reaching an Untapped Group

This online course empowers your organization and respective Recruiting, HR, Compliance, Legal and support teams to foster a truly inclusive culture.

Understand your own fears and attitudes

How to conduct an interview with someone who is blind, deaf or in a wheelchair

What you need to know about hidden disabilities

What you can and cannot say or do – legal vs illegal questions

Disclosure and requests for accommodations

Being at ease and professional

How to present the qualified candidate in an unbiased way

Create a positive and comfortable experience when interviewing individuals with disabilities

Connect. Engage. Empower.

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