It’s Really NOT About Selling – It’s About Helping People to Buy

A refreshing and innovative approach to helping your customers understand the products and services that will provide the highest value and best meet their goals.This online course will explore how to help people buy products and services. No matter what role we are in we are always asking people to buy something in one form or another – whether to buy into our initiatives or ideas, buy our products or services. In the end it’s about helping others buy the products and services they need to make their lives better and help deliver results within their respective organization.


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Shifting the Focus From Selling to Serving 


How different would your prospect conversations feel if the focus was on how you are going to help them?

This online program course will provide you with the insights and skills to transform your sales conversations and drive results for both you and your customers.

Establishing Credibility and Trust Through Effective Communication

Using four approaches identified by Learn2 that help us understand how we as unique individuals interact and communicate – you will quickly realize the value of understanding your type and the types of everyone with whom you interact.

Learn a powerful framework to understand four different communication approaches. These four approaches are: (could insert icons with these)

Developmental Gains You Receive From the Program


Understand how to recognize these approaches in you and others.

Learn how to identify the approach of a buyer and mirror it back in your sales approach to connect quickly, establish credibility and reduce resistance.

Learn how to save time and make you more money.

Transforming the Sales Process


After completing this course, you will be able to communicate more effectively during business transactions, and carry over this knowledge into your everyday relationships as well.

When your customers understand your ultimate goal is to provide them with a beneficial service they need, the sales process shifts from one of uncertainty to a smooth and pleasant transaction.

Why the Learn2 approach?

This online course was developed with our partner Learn2 a trusted leader recognized worldwide for providing customized sales and leadership development solutions for organizations across the globe.

Learn2 is a recipient of the prestigious President’s Award from Meeting Professionals International (MPI) in addition to many Learning Excellence Awards. Their clients include: Royal Bank of Scotland, JP Morgan Chase, Remax, Philips, & Tommy Hilfiger


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