Braidio’s Inclusion to Impact™ Online Course

A dynamic diversity and inclusion online course series that connects diversity and inclusion awareness to the creation of individual, team and organizational impact.


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Driving Employee Engagement for Everyone


Having a culture where everyone feels valued and included is essential to achieve the high level of employee engagement necessary to positively impact increasingly diverse and global organizations.

Such a culture requires that all levels of an organization have the competency to work effectively with both the similarities and differences that exist with whom we come in contact, including co-workers, partners and customers.

Inclusion to Impact™ Program Overview

Over an hour of content delivered in short learning blocks of 7-10 minutes

Learning and engagement metrics to track success and identify on-going learning needs

Toolkits for the direct application of skills learned

Customizable to meet your organizations specific needs

On-going support, advanced topic modules and learning reinforcement available

You can benefit from Braidio’s Inclusion to Impact™ Online Course if:


Your customer and employee base continues to diversify

Mergers and acquisitions challenge the building and maintaining of the desired culture

Engagement levels are not where they need to be

You are struggling to be more collaborative and innovative

Cultural differences are impacting your ability to work effectively

Inclusion to Impact™ Unlocks the Value in Diversity


This program enables organizations and their employees to navigate and embrace opportunities in an increasingly diverse landscape. Here are just some of the eLearning program’s benefits.


Demo icon 01Understand the Spectrum of Inclusion Issues

Increased awareness of diversity and inclusion that has meaning for those at a broad range of competencies – from novice to experienced.

Demo icon 02 Recognize Assumptions and Their Impact

Developed competencies to understand the sources of assumptions and the barriers they may create to having an inclusive culture.

Demo icon 03Connect Diversity & Inclusion to Business Goals

Reinforce the direct connection of diversity and inclusion to business impact. Build a foundation to realize increased engagement and drive business goals.

Demo icon 04Apply Directly to the Workplace

Gain the ability to immediately practice and apply the skills learned.

Connect. Engage. Empower.

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