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Harassment Free Culture is an online interactive harassment training that was created in collaboration with senior managers, HR executives and attorneys from a cross section of Fortune 500 Companies. This course was developed with our partner Accelerate Learning & Development and meets California’s AB1825 mandate for harassment-prevention training. It also includes AB2053 compliance regarding abusive conduct and bullying.


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What Our Clients Say About the Program


I have taken many sexual harassment training classes and this is the best one.”                                                                                                                          – Sheila G. 

“I like the REAL stories being used rather than just having some played out scene.”                                                                                                                      –Connie M.

“Very well done. The example scenario’s were pretty believable and current.”                                                                                                                                 – Gierdrius S.

Harassment Training Program Overview

This online course meets and exceeds California’s AB1825 mandate for harassment-prevention training. It includes AB2053 compliance regarding abusive conduct and bullying. Other course details:

Manager and Employee versions available

Manager Training Course (2 hours)

Non-Supervisory Employee Course (1 hour)

Turnkey and ready to go!t system

Fast-paced, entertaining, and to the point—improv actors portray office workers in common workplace situations, an attorney relates case law to topic areas, and HR Executives relate true stories of harassment situations and tell how the managers involved helped or hurt the outcome by their actions.

Your Organization Can Benefit From “Harassment Free Culture” If:


You want to provide a more inclusive environment

Gender, generational or cultural differences are impacting your ability to work effectively

You are struggling to be more collaborative and innovative

What Do I Get From the “Manager Version” Course?

In addition to our 1.5 hours of video and audio, there is also an additional 0.5 hours of practical exercises to guide you through the material. After this course, you will have met the legal requirements for completing Sexual Harassment training for managers. Areas covered in the training include:

Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

Protected Classes

Preventions Strategies

Managers’ Responsibilities

Offsite and After Hours Conduct

Sex and Romance in the Workplace

Electronic Communications


The Cost of Harassment

How to File a Complaint

Employers’ Obligation to Conduct an Investigation


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