The Six ‘I’s of Leadership

The Six ‘I’s of Leadership ® is a framework for creating an innovative and productive workplace culture. This course was developed to give leaders and organizations a consistent framework for measuring innovation skills, behaviors and capabilities and to help develop an innovative and productive working culture.


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Developed in Partnership With Leading Organizations and Experts in Behavioral and Work Psychology


The Six ‘I’s of Innovation is an integrated innovation methodology created by Natalie Turner, CEO and Founder of The Entheo Network, a global leadership innovation company. The Model has been developed in partnership with organizations, industry and leading thinkers in the areas of behavioral and work psychology.

Innovation = the Creation of Something Valuable from a New Idea


The value could come from an incremental change or a big step change in how things are currently being done. For innovation to be really successful, a range of skills, behaviors and capabilities are required; identifying opportunities, igniting ideas and solutions, investigating them to see if they will work, investing in the best ones, implementing the idea into the world and improving it to see if more value can be created. Only then has real innovation happened.

The Process of The Six ‘I’s


Running through the Model, is the question of “Intent”, which leads us to think through the “why” of innovation? Or what is the specific purpose of what we are trying to achieve?

Services using the Six ‘I’s Methodology include:

Skills Development Programs across the Six ‘I’s of Innovation

Individual and Team Assessments

Innovation Management across the Six ‘I’s of Innovation

Idea Generation workshops (new product & service development)


In order to improve innovation skills, it is useful to understand what we consider as our current strengths, and the perception of our skills in comparison to others around us. The Six ‘I’ questionnaire assesses skills around six distinct areas of innovation and then. The assessment tools provided will surface insights to build upon using the Six ‘I’s model to help create dynamic teams and organizations that can innovate effectively and productively.

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