Digital Sherpa

Your personal guide works intelligently…

…to surface the most relevant knowledge across internal and external sources to optimize performance using Braidio’s Social Workstream Intelligence Platform.

Create a Smarter Workplace

The Digital Sherpa works intelligently to empower large organizations and partner networks to optimally activate their workforce to deliver better outcomes across customer support, sales, patient care and beyond.

There’s no static path to get from A to B. The Digital Sherpa acts as your GPS.

Persona-driven knowledge assembly to drive actionable insights.

Braidio connects silos, analyzes high clustering, and shortens path lengths.

Peer-driven knowledge sharing via real time video and chat.

Active Workflow Listening to capture informal knowledge and distribute insights to up your whole organization’s game.

Improvements: Lower CAC, halted churn, increased revenue, improved CSAT.

The Intelligent Enterprise Starts Here

End-to-end knowledge access and creation

Braidio Game Changer

Rate of Change

Slow change

Moderate change

Rapid change

Knowledge Type




Knowledge Capture

Established experts, infrequent updates

Fragmented expertise, moderate updates

Evolving expertise, continuous updates

Knowledge Delivery

Training, sharing existing knowledge

Dynamic surfacing knowledge

Evolved, creating new knowledge

Connect. Engage. Empower.

Simplify daily workflows and save time with Braidio bites, integrations, and partner applications. Leverage the developer toolkit to extend the platform, bringing speed and agility to your entire firm.

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