SAN FRANCISCO (TrainingMag) August 13, 2019

Article Author: Iain Scholnick, CEO of Braidio

To overcome the fixed mindset, businesses must enable a liquid enterprise layer to drive open collaboration. Liquid enterprises better capture intellectual capital through knowledge capture and canonization. Turning systems of record into systems of productivity is a change enterprises need to be making top to bottom. 

Creating an open workplace where knowledge sharing and collaboration are prioritized will lead to efficient and on-task employees across all departments. Enterprise resources and departments are very siloed in today’s workplace. Organizations are embracing digital tools and applications more than ever, but at the same time, workers can be overwhelmed by the breadth of options to execute the day-to-day requirements associated with their roles. Jumping from one platform where collaboration is taking place to another where knowledge assets are hosted does not make for an optimal, productive experience. 

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