How to Enhance Employee Productivity and Innovation Using Workstreams


Organizations are always looking for ways to enhance productivity, and while workplace collaboration has been a buzzword for some time now, the word “collaboration” is too broad, because so much falls into that bucket. The next advancement in business productivity builds on collaboration and digital transformation by creating workstream experiences for each role within an organization. These experiences multiply productivity and excellence and, ultimately, set up employees for success.

How can you enhance a sales manager’s productivity who has to deliver against quarterly quotas? Create a unique workstream that enables the manager to collaborate with peers and that brings all of the knowledge and tools he or she needs in one centralized experience. This approach can help, for example, a managed care specialist who is also a registered nurse or physical therapist. Giving these workers the tools they need in a way that does not take them out of their daily workflow allows them to stay productive and focused.

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