Simplify Pet Wellness

Optimize your pet wellness ecosystem and create direct connections with pet owners.

Streamline the entire pet wellness experience. With Braidio, veterinary practices can maximize additional revenue streams such as online pharmacy, food plans, insurance and more. And for Pet Owners Braidio brings together the entire pet wellness experience – from pet health records, food plans, wellness tracking to community.

This is how pet wellness is meant to work.

Optimize Experiences

Enhance legacy systems with intuitive apps that utilize your existing touchpoints to engage owners and improve productivity across essential workflows.

Strengthen Relationships

Unify services, data and knowledge silos to strengthen relationships with partners, service providers and customers.

Expand Options

Roll out a virtual concierge platform that works with your existing PIM that simplifies after hours care, encourages engagement with clients, and helps you discover new revenues.

Get Started Now

Choose from Braidio WorkStream or create your own intuitive experiences that unlocks productivity at every step in the pet’s journey.

Pet Wellness That Feels The Love

With Braidio the pet wellness industry finally has the flexibility and speed that veterinarian practices and owners need. Swiftly create new, intuitive experiences – mobile or desktop – engineered to improve pet care and delight pet owners. 

Whether you’re putting together the customer journey for a vet clinic, pharmaceuticals, pet food or insurance, just pick the modules you need and get started.

Featured Pet Wellness Workflows:

Virtual Front Office


Live Chat with Vet Technician or Veterinarian

Telemedicine Consultation

(live video call, session recording & archiving)

Appointment & Wellness Reminders

Real-time Care Coordination


Basic Health Risk Assessment

Electronic PHR

Synchronous Unified View Across Platforms

Daily Sentiment Assessment

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Online Training


Integration Partners

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