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21st Century Multi-tier Onboarding & Knowledge Management for Telecommunications & Media

We are the strategic onboarding partner for Ribbon Communications.

Ribbon Communications services more than 1,000 service provider and enterprise customers globally. Ribbon Communications’ partnership with Braidio optimizes the delivery of mobile training and social learning via Ribbon’s Kandy platform to the company’s global base of carrier, managed service provider, and VAR customers.

Braidio leverages Kandy’s robust real-time communications capabilities including rich messaging, group messaging, voice and video chat and open APIs to make scalable learning, collaboration and integrated communications intuitive and accessible. Courses are easily created, developed and deployed, helping to capture essential knowledge and deliver it in the actionable formats that meet the needs of today’s increasingly knowledge-based workforce.

Braidio recognizes that technology works best when it’s scaled for humans and works effortlessly.

Much of what employees learn comes from social and peer experiences, which help drive collaboration, culture, talent and teamwork. Braidio is leveraging cloud based real time communications capabilities and intuitive ergonomics to further our mission of establishing an employee-driven learning economy within organizations.

Intuitive design. Powerful insights. Productive reps.

The Braidio user interface (UI) delivers the right information faster for more productive field teams.

The Braidio user interface (UI) delivers the right information faster for more productive field teams. It is a seamless and built to simplify access to the information field teams need. The adaptive design delivers the best experience across all devices and platforms. With easy access to the right information, your field teams are fully empowered.



Seamless experience across all devices means reps are more productive.



Visualize information the way you want to get the insights you need.



Places the right information at field teams’ fingertips with fewer clicks.

Connect. Engage. Empower.

Engagement and social tools for secure communication and collaboration.

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