New Platform Threads All Necessary Information, Knowledge, People and Business Tools Into a Single Point of Productivity, your WorkStreams™

Braidio, a social workplace intelligence platform, today announced the launch of its brand new Braidio WorkStreams™ software. Braidio’s award winning platform creates successful customer outcomes by streamlining workflows, removing friction, connecting information and knowledge silos, and empowering a more collaborative and knowledgeable team to optimize productivity. Braidio Workstreams was built for the growing need for speed in work execution, as well as the role of automation and purposeful collaboration in delivering winning outcomes.

Braidio has a bold vision to transform learning and knowledge sharing through a data-driven and employee-centered approach. The Braidio WorkStreams platform integrates with the popular third-party tools and services already used by most organizations such as SharePoint, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Google Drive, QuickBooks, and others to provide a unified experience.

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