Millennials on both ends of the age spectrum have grown up with limitless access to information, which has gradually created a culture of self-directed learning through content such as blog posts and YouTube videos. This practice has carried over to the workplace, where successful managers are adapting by using a new breed of learning management systems (LMS) that better aligns with how millennials educate both themselves and their peers.

Millennial employees want to know what they are doing and why they are doing it. To capitalize and instill passion in these life learners, businesses need to create a self-sustaining culture of learning and development. To capture the mindshare of these employees, the LMS must be employee-driven, and subject matter should be user-generated. However, it is impossible to create a learner-centric company culture without a healthy dose of employee engagement. In order to increase employee engagement, you must tap into the millennial mindset and understand what keeps them motivated.

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