Simplify Success with WorkStreams

Today’s digital business processes, simplified.  Braidio enables a people-first approach that eliminates clunky, frustrating user experiences and coding.

To be successful, you need to pull all your data, resources & people in one place so you can better service your customers across every touchpoint on every channel. Most importantly you need to be able to understand and engage co-workers, colleagues and customers on a personalized basis in real-time and in a success driven context. Welcome to Braidio.


It starts with connecting your company’s fragmented knowledge resources; your co-workers and employees against data silos, real-time answers and desired outcomes.


Unify siloed knowledge, tools, third-party platforms…everything needed to enable your workforce for success.


Braidio threads all necessary information, knowledge, people and business tools into a single point of productivity, your workstreams.

We Make Companies Smarter

The future of work will look very different than it does today. The intelligent enterprise will need to optimize workforce productivity in a collective, more connected yet personalized experience to drive more strategic and operational agility.

Braidio Workstreams was built for the growing need for speed in work execution, as well as the role of automation and purposeful collaboration in delivering winning outcomes.

Why do companies struggle to meet expectations?

Now more than ever, the velocity of interaction completely transforms workforce expectations.


People search for answers to their questions, not for your content. Focus on content that improves job performance and the customer experience.


Not only are customer expectations high and rising rapidly across all industries, but so are the expectations of your employees. Providing great experience across the entire customer journey is key.
Your organization’s success relies on enabling others. Equip your employees with a unified experience to access knowledge & information, and to also share with peers how they’ve solved problems and to respond to colleague’s questions.


Organizations are increasingly being confronted with new and unexpected situations that go beyond the textbooks and operating manuals and require leaders to improvise on the spot.

Are you ready to evolve your business knowledge?


Social Workforce Intelligence Platform for Enterprises (SWIPE)

Single platform for all knowledge & collaboration

Semantic-based knowledge search

Web-RTC powered real-time chat, voice & video collaboration
Designed for mobile

Cloud-based and scalable

Fast and easy to deploy

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