Braidio Launches Braidio SMB, a Complete Collaborative Learning Platform For Small to Mid-sized Organizations

Addressing the Needs of Today and Helping SMBs Scale for Tomorrow With an Affordable Learning & Talent Development Solution Employees Can Seamlessly Integrate Into Their Everyday Workflow


Braidio, a cloud-based learning and talent development platform, today announced the release of Braidio SMB, a self-driven solution that provides small-to-mid-sized companies access to enterprise-grade online learning and talent development. The solution empowers small to mid-sized organizations to quickly provision, manage and track learning through an intuitive dashboard. Braidio SMB also includes Knowledge Tap, a proprietary tool which leverages social and peer exchanges to automatically create an internally-sourced knowledge base for employee reference. Through Bradio SMB, companies also gain access to curated online courses from leading subject matter experts in talent development.

“Large organizations have long provided training to their employees to acquire the necessary skills to thrive. However, when smaller businesses explore the usual options to train, educate and develop their staff, it can overwhelm them to the point of paralysis. Due to cost and complexity, many end up choosing to do nothing,” said Braidio CEO Iain Scholnick. “We identified a void in the market for a light platform with the essentials for SMBs – one that strips out all the bloatware they don’t really need, while also providing bite-sized curated learning content more aligned with what they actually want.”

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