Braidio FAQs


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What is Braidio?

Braidio’s award winning platform threads all necessary information, knowledge, people and business tools into a single point of productivity, your WorkStreams™. Braidio integrates with the popular third-party tools and services already used by most organizations to provide a unified experience. Braidio helps accelerate sales, improve customer satisfaction, and simplify employee on-boarding by efficiently spreading knowledge and insights across any workflow and business unit in real-time.


What third-party tools does Braidio current integrate with?

Braidio currently integrates with Salesforce, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Google Drive,, QuickBooks, Trello and many more are being added weekly.


Who uses Braidio?

Small teams and businesses as well as large organizations use Braidio as a simple platform that allows teams to collaborate, easily share knowledge and optimize their overall productivity.


Is Braidio a learning management system (LMS)?

No. While Braidio provides some of the core functionality that some learning management systems provide, such as online learning delivery and analytics, Braidio goes further by providing simple, powerful tools to promote collaborative learning and peer-to-peer knowledge, and includes analytics data on engagement with platform, the content, and more. Braidio does not seek to compete with traditional LMSs as much as it aims to augment them to drive greater utility and value.

What’s the cost to use Braidio?

For information on course and platform pricing, please contact us at or call us 888.858.8385. We look forward to talking about your organization’s needs!


How do I get started?

For a live demo or to get onboarded with Braidio, please contact us at or call us 888.858.8385.


Can I use my existing training materials / content on Braidio to deliver learning to my organization?

Absolutely! Braidio’s collaborative learning platform allows you to upload existing course or training materials from videos, PDFs, SCORM courses and more, to leverage what your company has already developed in addition to new content.


Can I use Braidio when I am not online?

At this time Braidio is only available via a web browser when connected online, however, Braidio’s “reply from email” feature allows you to respond through email from any device. (Just use your registered email address for your respective Braidio account). We are also currently developing a mobile app that will be available soon. Stay tuned!


Can I use Braidio on my mobile phone?

Braidio can be accessed from your smartphone for both iOs and Android as a dedicated App. If you have any feedback on features you would like to see on the Braidio mobile app, email us at We’d greatly appreciate it!


Who can I communicate or collaborate with on Braidio?

You can communicate with any registered user on your organization’s Braidio account, or with external vendors, partners or clients even if they have a different domain name by inviting them to any conversation you wish they participate in. Note that they’ll only be able to participate in the conversations to which they are expressly invited.


Can I invite someone with a different domain name into a conversation?

As stated above, in general you can communicate with any registered user on your organization’s Braidio account. However, you can in addition collaborate with external vendors, partners or clients by inviting them to a specific conversation. They will only be able to participate in that conversation.


What kinds of documents can I post on Braidio?

Currently, you can post images (e.g., jpg, png), Videos, PDFs, Word docs, Excel docs, and web links. The user experience is greatly enhanced by these various options.


Is Braidio an online back-up solution?

While Braidio allows you to post and share documents within your organization Braidio is NOT an online backup solution.


Common Privacy and Security Questions

Will anyone outside my organization see my posts?

No, your organization’s Braidio account is private and anything posted is just for people within your organization to view, comment and collaborate on. The only exception is if you’ve invited an external vendor, partner or client to participate in a specific conversation.


How do we remove an employee who is no longer with our organization?

The administrator of the Braidio account can easily remove a user by logging in, selecting “Manage Users” in the top-right drop down menu, then clicking “delete” next to the user’s name. That user will no longer have access to the account.


What security protocols have you implemented?

Braidio utilizes some of the most advanced technology for internet security. From Secure Socket Layer technology, network separation to being only available to registered users in your organization. To learn more visit our security page.


Who owns the data?

Braidio does not own or claim the rights to a network’s data at any time. In Basic accounts the users, or employees, own the data. In Business or Enterprise accounts the company or organization that registered the account owns the data.


What about data export?

Business or Enterprise accounts have the capability to export messages using a standard format (.csv). Braidio can also provide periodic backups of all data for local storage (a fee may apply). Note that under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Braidio cannot be compelled to turn over content from a Braidio network to any third party, except for government entities.


How do I report a suspected security vulnerability?

At Braidio keeping our customers’ data secure is a top priority. To report a suspected security vulnerability, please send an email to and include full details so we can thoroughly investigate the issue.