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The Opportunity for Communication Service Providers
Digital Transformation and the SME Market

Braidio CEO, Iain Scholnick sits down with S&P Global, Senior. Analyst, Raul Castañon to discuss Digital Transformation and the SME Market, a massive opportunity for Communication Service Providers.

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The Global SME Digital Transformation Opportunity for Communication Service Providers

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have faced mounting pressure amid COVID-19 to move their business processes and assets online to acquire new customers and enable business growth. This is prompting more SMEs to initiate or accelerate digital transformation initiatives, but they face numerous challenges – such as skills shortages and the cost of digital transformation. These challenges are equally applicable to larger organizations, but SMEs constitute a highly fragmented marketplace. These factors translate into an important opportunity for communication service providers (CSPs), which are uniquely positioned to address the digital transformation requirements of SMEs.

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451 Research | COVID-19 is Driving Permanent Changes in Consumer Behavior and Face-to-Face Service Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown are influencing changes in consumption patterns, with consumers and product/service providers shifting to the digital delivery of goods and services. Our Voice of the Customer: Macroeconomic Outlook, Consumer Spending survey shows a dramatic shift in consumption patterns when compared to previous years, with nearly four out of five respondents (79%) shifting some or most of their in-store spending online as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Survey respondents cited telehealth (24%), takeout and delivery services (23%), and streaming video services (21%) as the top three categories of products/services that they have purchased due to COVID-19 that they were not using before.

451 Research | Workforce Digital Transformation Accelerates in the Age of Covid-19

Digital transformation emerged as a priority in recent years for organizations looking to accelerate operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve customer growth and satisfaction. The conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have made digital transformation and digital transformation delivered as a cloud service (DTaaS) even more imperative.

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Just Turn the Key for Fully Integrated Telemedicine

Powering Remote Care Workflows and Scaling without Shifting Resources from Critical Care

AT&T partner Braidio’s My Healthcare Concierge application is a fully integrated telemedicine offering that can be white labeled by Healthcare Clients/Providers. Benefit from Braidio’s low-code, no-code platform that can have your customers up and running in days to help facilitate remote care needs.

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451 Research | Driving Success Through Workflow Automation

A New Era of WorkOps Powered by Decentralized Workflow Automation Will Create the Digital Native Business That Win

Chris Marsh, Director of Research, Workplace Productivity, at 451 Research highlights a new era of WorkOps driven by organizations’ need of new ways to more fluidly coordinate people, resources, and workflows. Platforms that allow for the construction of work streams that traverse disparate silos is key to success in the digital era.

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451 Research | A Liquid Enterprise Approach to Healthcare

Healthcare Organizations Will Benefit From a WorkOps Approach to Productivity and Patient Care

Industry players across the healthcare value chain – including payors, providers and manufacturers – will be affected by digital disruption. Digital healthcare represents an important opportunity, but also brings significant challenges. Today’s healthcare organizations are disadvantaged and unable to compete with more technologically agile competitors. They are trapped by overly complex systems that take too long to implement or change, and are burdened with complex, monolithic legacy technologies that were often designed for specialized needs and typically lack interoperability.

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Case Studies

Braidio | Healthcare

VIZI Healthcare Increases Efficiencies While Creating New Revenues Through Patient Engagements

VIZI Healthcare one of the leading care coordination providers, working with many of the largest healthcare networks in North America, aimed to improve cost effective outcomes for providers and payers to succeed under value-based care models.

The healthcare industry and the legacy systems they use have been slow to embrace digital transformation resulting in a disengaged approach to creating optimal patient care. In today’s digital world, providers can optimize patient outcomes while reducing costs and in many cases capture more revenues.

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Ribbon Communications

Ribbon Communications Case Study: Partnership, Success, and Drive

Braidio created WorkStreams which would allow Ribbon to quickly onboard clients, train them, and give them the knowledge they need right at their fingertips. The platform makes investments in learning count by creating successful organizational outcomes across multiple stakeholders and multiple streams of work (Workstreams) to support the speed of customers.

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BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass Case Study: Uniting a Company Culture Through Collaborative Learning

In 2013, BBVA Compass tasked Braidio with continued culture change strategy development as well as an online learning process that they’d begun with the introduction of an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) delivered to approximately 2,000 managers. BBVA Compass wanted to continue to drive the message and learning deeper into the organization by rolling it out to its remaining 13,000 employees.

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Serena & Lily

Growing Product Sales and Reducing Business Losses – Through Improved Employee Training

Serena & Lily, a up-and-coming home and lifestyle retail brand, wanted to improve the training of its staff both at headquarters and at its growing retail locations across the country. The company was experiencing tremendous growth and rapidly adding staff across all locations.

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BBVA Compass

A Technical Integration Case Study: Seamless & Lightweight Implementation for a Large Enterprise

Braidio provided a frictionless lightweight experience for BBVA Compass’ more than 15,000 North American employees. Using an SSO integration seamlessly authenticate users across both Braidio and internal platforms.

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Use Cases


Optimize Patient Care and Reduce Costs Use Case: Holistic View of a Patients Journey

Braidio’s cloud-based WorkStreams platform accessible anytime from any device, whether it be between medical professionals to transfer patient information internally or from a patient to a doctor communicating about needs or progress.

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Taking a Pulse on the Workplace of the Future (Infographic)

Braidio conducted a survey of 1,000 American office workers on the future of the workplace. The survey showed that US office workers prefer collaboration in the office. Four out of five respondents (81 percent) said that peer collaboration helps their productivity, and almost half (48 percent) said that is their preferred method of learning at work.

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Evolution of the Workplace (Infographic)

Today, employee learning and knowledge flow needs to be fully integrated with work. Employees, and organizations by default, cannot be successful in the future of work if all information and knowledge is locked in disparate silos. To win in the future, organizations need greater transparency and need to embrace a liquid enterprise mindset. This infographic brings you on a journey of how learning and knowledge management has evolved.

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