Turn the Key on to a Fully Integrated Telemedicine Solution

AT&T and Braidio to Power Next-Generation Telemedicine Application. Braidio’s My Health Concierge™ automates remote care workflows without shifting resources from critical care operations.


The My Healthcare Concierge™ application is a fully integrated telemedicine offering. Braidio’s low-code, no-code platform that can have your customers up and running in days to help facilitate remote care needs.


The AT&T and Braidio telemedicine application was created to treat patients who are in remote places, away from local health facilities or in areas experiencing medical professionals shortages. With the breakout of Covid-19 there is an immediate need to treat patients of high risk without exposing others and without shifting resources from critical care operations.
Please Contact (888) 858-8385 or email success@braidio.com for immediate COVID-19 telemedicine solution support.

AT&T Telemedicine, Distant Care Benefits:

Remote Patient Screening & Consultations

AT&T CPaaS empowers providers to conduct virtual consultations allowing primary care providers to scale and keep vital resources on critical care operations. 

Always Connected via Real-Time Communications

Patients can easily request an appointment via the app or connect live using secure chat, audio or video conferencing with a Care Team professional reducing inbound phone calls while creating additional concierge touch points for patients. 

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Connect with third party RPM peripherals to enable bilateral data capture to inform care providers real-time of patient status.

Other Key Features:


Designed for digitally driven healthcare providers and delivered in the cloud, Braidio empowers your commercial teams with best practices and complete customer insight to transform your customer engagement.

From ongoing education to persona driven insights, Braidio enables you to seamlessly orchestrate your customer interactions to deliver a personalized experience.


  • Deliver best-in-class customer engagement: align all customer-facing resources and interactions to deliver a personalized, coordinated customer experience.
  • Braidio’s onboarding process: empowers employees and patients to direct their own learning and development for higher satisfaction and trust
  • Gain complete visibility: track your performance and learn what works. With visibility to sales and marketing results, you quantify your success and drive continuous improvement
Please Contact (888) 858-8385 or email success@braidio.com for immediate COVID-19 telemedicine solution support.

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