Interviewing and Onboarding Individuals with Disabilities: For Hiring Managers

This course was designed with the hiring manager’s roles and responsibilities in mind. This course will prepare your management team to easily navigate and gain a comfort level meeting and interviewing applicants with a variety of disabilities.

Providing an understanding and demystifying fears, assumptions and attitudinal barriers. Creating a focus on interviewing based on the skills and qualifications required for the position


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Build a Path Towards Full Inclusion


As a hiring manager, it can be complicated and confusing navigating through the interview and hiring process.

This course will give you the expertise you need while hiring individuals with disabilities and help ease the concerns you may have about legalities.

As a hiring professional, your responsibility to your organization and its employees includes cultivating a cohesive, inclusive workplace and this program can help you do that effortlessly.

Course Accreditation

Approved Provider. This program has been submitted to the HR Certification Institute
for review.

Online Course Overview

One 45 minute E-Learning Course. This introductory module is appropriate for all management levels within your organization. The module is interactive and provides a solid foundation for successfully recruiting and hiring people with disabilities.

Training Topics

A brief overview of OFCCP compliance

Learn about your own fears and attitudes

Learn how to conduct an interview with someone who is blind, deaf or in a wheelchair

What you need to know about hidden disabilities

Learn what you can and cannot say or do in an interview – legal vs illegal questions

Learn how to be fully inclusive in your role as a leader

Learn how to be at ease and professional

Potential Outcomes

Build an awareness of compliance

Identify and hire the best qualified individuals

Learn how to be an effective manager of a diverse work group

Build a sustainable inclusive culture for all

Develop a competitive hiring and recruiting process

Decrease employment liability exposure

Compliance Essentials

Compliance standards set by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) specifically the 503 directive and rehabilitation sections will be reviewed as well as the importance of the hiring manager’s role in the hiring of individuals with disabilities.

After this course, you will have thorough knowledge of this process and requirements.

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