Be Your Own Upstart: How To Get Started With Low-Code Mobile Development

Forbes May 26, 2021 By: Iain Scholnick

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation for most of the world, yet companies that were ahead of the curve were able to take changes in stride and even lead unfamiliar sectors in no time. Tech giants like Amazon were able to quickly pivot using technology and an enhanced or omnichannel customer experience to enter industries like healthcare and pet wellness and dominate the market. 

Why exactly are these massive companies so well positioned to enter new verticals and compete from day one? The answer is the way they can easily drive revenue success at the mobile customer edge. Customer experience in the post-Covid world revolves, according to McKinsey, around the ability to deliver a convenient service directly into the hands of consumers. The result is a post-pandemic world where survival of the fittest has never been more prevalent, and anyone who fails to become agile fails to survive.

Technology giants — like Amazon, Chewy and Uber — have a head start on developing an ideal mobile experience, but now it’s time to level the playing field. Investment trends speak volumes, and the opportunity right now for enterprises is mobile-first, digital verticalization. Broad e-commerce is a thing of the past while curated, verticalized services are moving towards the throne. The health and wellness verticals have been the first to widely adopt this trend, with the pandemic accelerating the need for a contactless way to treat patients. You can bet other industries like telecommunications, field services and financial services will be quick to follow suit.

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