Simplify Healthcare

Elevate the entire patient care experience.

Empower providers and personalize patient care with the liquid approach. With Braido Healthcare WorkStreams, all necessary information flows to a single point to maximize productivity and improve care.

This is how healthcare is meant to work.

Eliminate Barriers

Bring knowledge and providers together to dynamically deliver a concierge approach to patient-care.

Improve Outcomes

Guide patients to the right care and inspire positive behaviors.

Optimize Connections 

Empower first-line providers with the power to engage in ongoing, real-time communications with patients through telehealth solutions.

Start Now

Improve productivity across the entire patient journey by choosing from existing workflows or creating your own.

Featured Healthcare Workflows:

Telemedicine - Live Chat, Live Video

Patient Engagement Experience

Remote Patient Monitoring

Online Pharmacy

Patient Health Record

Appointment Reminders

Health Risk Assessment

Patient Sentiment Analysis

Patient Billing

Healthcare That Moves Faster than the Speed of Life

With Braidio My Health Concierge, the healthcare industry finally has the flexibility and speed that providers and patients need. Swiftly create new, intuitive experiences – mobile or desktop — engineered to maximize productivity and outcomes. 

Maximize Resources

Triage and scale without shifting resources from critical care operations.

Remote physicians or registered nurses can facilitate non-emergency inquiries across states, borders, without compromise.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Track key patient vitals and send data back to EHR.

Care providers now gain real-time patient access and insights to create a smarter ecosystem and a tailored concierge approach to patient-care.

Provide Care for Patients Wherever They Are

Capture health risk assessments virtually.

Providers now can provide care from any location without losing critical time or connection. Data can then be seamlessly synced back to the PHR.

Shape Patient Behaviors to Improve Outcomes

Guide the path to better health with personalized app notifications and gentle reminders.

Braidio fluid patient journey steers patients towards better care while inspiring positive behaviors.

Whitepaper: A Liquid Enterprise Approach to Healthcare   (Get It Now)

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Designed for digitally driven healthcare providers and delivered in the cloud, Braidio empowers your commercial teams with best practices and complete customer insight to transform your customer engagement.

From ongoing education to persona driven insights, Braidio enables you to seamlessly orchestrate your customer interactions to deliver a personalized experience.


  • Deliver best-in-class customer engagement: align all customer-facing resources and interactions to deliver a personalized, coordinated customer experience.
  • Braidio’s onboarding process: empowers employees and patients to direct their own learning and development for higher satisfaction and trust
  • Gain complete visibility: track your performance and learn what works. With visibility to sales and marketing results, you quantify your success and drive continuous improvement

Connect. Engage. Empower.

Patient engagement and social tools for secure communication and collaboration.

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