Medtech Intelligence July 11, 2022 Reed Miller

Executive Summary

Eyva non-invasively measures key vital signs, including blood glucose. Braidio will integrate data provided by users’ Eyva devices into its My Health Concierge patient record and communication system.

Braidio’s health information platform is now compatible with Eyva, the handheld vital-sign monitoring “gadget,” developed by Indian health tech company BlueSemi.

Eyva is “an extension of the user’s body,” according to Hyderabad-based BlueSemi. It uses non-invasive haptic sensors to measure the user’s blood glucose, electrocardiogram, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and HbA1c level in just 60 seconds. Evya’s connected mobile app provides daily insights and lets users track trends in their vital signs over time to promote positive changes.

On 19 May, the companies announced a partnership to integrate data collected by Braidio customers’ Evya devices into Braidio’s My Health Concierge platform.

BlueSemi The proprietary platform uses embedded health care workflows including triggered events and “write-back” capabilities, to link patients to their physicians and electronic health records. By incorporating remote monitoring data from Eyva into its platform, Braidio will create a “bilateral experience” to provide medical professionals with the latest patient data and insights, according to the San Francisco-based company.

“Braidio’s concierge system is incredible at keeping the people-doctor relationship connected, creating the perfect integration to track the data Eyva collects on a daily basis,” said BlueSemi CEO Sunil Kumar Maddikatla. “Together, Eyva and Braidio’s My Health Concierge will create the golden standard for integrating [Internet of things] gadgets with a connected ecosystem.”

Braidio CEO Iain Scholnick said, “This level of transparency will deliver health care to the future, breaking down the barriers between patients and the highest level of care possible.” Braidio also markets applications to the financial services, pet wellness and field services markets.

Insight: Connecting Eyva to users’ health records and physicians may give BlueSemi an edge over other companies also trying to take advantage of the “internet of things” to improve health outcomes. Consumer devices integrated with artificial intelligence are getting a lot of hype and investment and the global smart wearables market is expected to grow at a double-digit rate and reach $33bn by 2025 as regulators try to keep up with the innovation. However, companies marketing AI-based diagnostics to physicians argue that consumer-oriented devices cannot yet provide the accuracy of more expensive
“clinical-grade” systems.